Paris, Part Time  by Lisa Baker Morgan is a different kind of love story — it is an adventurous evolution of self-creation and determination to overcome obstacles and time zones that will take the reader to the streets, cuisine, culture, and matchless beauty of France. 
In 2008, Lisa Baker Morgan, a thirty-eight-year-old, newly divorced mother, unexpectedly found herself staring down death in a Monaco hospital, nine time zones away from her two young daughters in Los Angeles. After facing mortality and surviving, her life took on a sense of urgency to experience and accomplish all of the things she had ever wanted for herself and her daughters. 
Top of her list: a life-long desire to live in Paris. The seemingly indulgent and even “crazy” aspiration was part of a journey that set her on the path of recovery of health and of spirit. 
From lessons of impermanence to finding the joie de vivre, Paris, Part Time showcases the vulnerability and strength of the human spirit and motherhood, and our desire to transcend setbacks and live our best life, however we define it, whatever our circumstances. Relatable in sentiment, heart-felt, and humorous, Paris, Part Time bounds with the optimism of infinite possibility and gratitude for life itself. Twenty-five recipes and over forty pages of photographs reflecting the author’s journey and experiences in France are included.


“The author particularly excels at combining the dream world of Paris with its maddening logistical realities. Readers will find themselves becoming invested in her story… Most of all, she relates the thrill of chasing lifelong goals. An introspective recollection that makes a dream life seem attainable.”

 – Kirkus Reviews

“Readers will savor the descriptions of gustatory delights, often comical and frustrating cultural differences, and language barriers. Morgan writes expressively but never in a flowery way, effectively conveying her purchase, design, and rehabilitation of a Parisian apartment. The book also revolves around motherhood often done long distance, and gives insight into a chef’s creative process while developing recipes in a tiny kitchen. Intimate writing, restaurant-quality recipes, and well-composed photographs result in a delightful memoir that will appeal to a wide range of readers. Takeaway: This memoir of becoming a chef and moving to Paris is recommended for Francophiles, foodies, and women of all ages. ”

– BookLife Reviews ⚡️ (Editor’s Pick)


LISA BAKER MORGAN graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in English Literature. She obtained her Juris Doctorate from Southwestern Law School and her culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. 

Morgan is the co-author of Homegrown Herb Garden (Quarry, 2014) and the author of Simple Pleasures: fifty-two weeks of turning ordinary ingredients into extraordinary moments (ciao yummy!, 2012). For many years, Morgan authored a travel and food blog,, and has written numerous guest articles for food websites and blogs. 

She was featured in The Mothers of Reinvention (Vanguard Press, 2012) as a mother who faced change in a positive way. In addition to her writing and cooking endeavors, Morgan has taken on humanitarian and philanthropic causes in the United States and internationally, including advocacy on behalf of adults and children who have endured childhood sexual assault and trauma. She divides her time between Paris and Los Angeles.